Alumina Ball 68%

Characteristics : Medium alumina grinding ball

High wear-resisting : The alumina balls' wear-resisting is higher than the common ceramic balls'. When it is working, the ball will not pollute the grinded materials, so it can keep the purity and improve the stability of grinded materials especially the ceramic blend and glaze.

High density: The high density, high hardness and the high grinding characters save the grinding time, enlarge the smashing room. So it can improve the grinding efficiency.

Chemical Index ContentofAl2O3 (%)
Al2O3 68
Bulkdensity (gr/cm3) 2.95-3.0onaverage
Hardness( Mohs) 7
Self-wearingrate (72hour's) 0.17-0.30%
CompressiveStrength (Mohs) 1700
Color Lightyellow